Ethiopia - Wutete Cooperative


Blend / Name: Wutete Cooperative

Roast Type: Filter

Producer: Wutete Cooperative

Location: Illubabor Region, Western Highlands, Ethiopia

MASL: 1650-1800

Process: Washed

Variety: Wild Forest Varieties

Flavour Notes: Sweet Apricot and Lime, Black Tea and Jasmine Florals. An elegant and refreshing filter coffee or cold brew. 

Other Notes: 

This coffee comes from a project initiated and developed by Union Handroasted, UK. We are pleased to be able to support Union by helping to find a wider market for this wild-grown coffee.

The Yayu Forest Reserve in south-west Ethiopia is one of the last and most important remaining places for the preservation of wild Arabica coffee. This largely forested landscape is also a hotspot for biodiversity, with numerous rare plants and animals. Coffee farming generates up to 70% of the cash income for over 90% of the population at Yayu. However, many farmers in the area are struggling to make sufficient income from coffee, which leads to a conversion away from forest-based farming to non-forest crops, resulting in deforestation and biodiversity loss.

In 2014 Union started a collaborative project with Dr Aaron Davis (Head of Coffee Research, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London) and partners in Ethiopia, to work with the communities at Yayu. The aim is to increase the income for Yayu farmers, via improvements in coffee quality and by providing access to market via direct trade. Through maintaining forest-based coffee farming systems they hope to stabilize deforestation and preserve biodiversity. The project also aims to better understand how Yayu farmers can make their coffee farms more resilient into climate change.