Zoom Crew Tee - Marawaka Female Cooperative
Zoom Crew Tee - Marawaka Female Cooperative
Zoom Crew Tee - Marawaka Female Cooperative

Crew Tee - Marawaka Female Cooperative

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Hidden away in a pristine and isolated corner of the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea is the Marawaka Female Cooperative. One of the last regions of PNG to come in contact with the outside world in 1968, the region has been overlooked by exporters due to its isolation. With no roads connecting with the area, coffee must either be carried out bag by bag on a three-day hike or airlifted out by chartered aircraft. However, this group of 30 female small-holders led by entrepreneur Priscilla Manove, have overcome these barriers with the help of our partners SMS-PNG, to improve their livelihoods and bring this exceptional coffee to market.

The women of the co-op view coffee production as part of their care for their household, and this can be seen in the excellent quality of the beans produced. As coffee processing machinery is prohibitively expensive as well as difficult to transport through the rugged terrain, the coffee cherries are carefully and laboriously pulped by hand with large, smooth stones.

Bills Beans is proud to partner with the ladies of Marawaka Female Cooperative and support their economic development through the premium price we pay for their exceptional coffee.

These cotton tees are regular fitting pay homage to these women and their efforts to improve and build their local communities.

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