Pedro Alves de Souza - Brazil Lot 230


Blend / Name: Brazil - Lot 230 Pedro Alves de Souza.

FICAFE Champions Pulped Natural 2017


Roast Type: Micro Lot

Producer: Pedro Alves de Souza

Location: Matao, Tomazina, Parana State, BRAZIL

MASL: 1100

Process: Pulped Natural

Variety: Red and Yellow Catuai

Flavour Notes: With an aroma of dark chocolate and toasted pecans, this coffee is exceptionally clean, round and sweet with hints of cocoa, nougat, orange and juicy peach. Delicious as filter, plunger or milk-based coffee

Other Notes: Pedro and his wife Cirline have been perfecting their pulped natural process since 2014 and the process has allowed them to greatly increase the quality of their coffee. Their commitment and hard work was rewarded at the 2017 Ficafe competition when they were named Champions of the Pulped Natural category. The cooler climatic conditions of the de Souzas’ farm allows the coffee to mature slowly. The harvest is concentrated in the last months of winter.